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Matt Sorum wears on his hand a custom made solid gold ring.

Handmade in England by Dogstone London for Matt Sorum.

Left: Matt Sorum
Velvet Revolver Drummer
Middle:Wade Royd-Taylor
Founder of Dogstone
Right:Dave Kushner
Velvet Revolver Guitarist


Custom made rose gold, diamond
and ruby pavé set replica pendant of
the world famous Red Special #1 guitar.

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Slash holds in his hands a custom made 925 Sterling Silver carpe diem ball chain necklace inset with 1.5ct diamonds

Handmade in England by Dogstone London for Slash.

Left: Wade Royd-Taylor
Founder of Dogstone
Right: Slash
Velvet Revolver Guitarist

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Brian May holds in his hands a custom made rose gold, diamond and ruby pavé set replica pendant of his world famous Red Special #1 guitar.

Handmade in England by Dogstone London for Brian May.

Left: Brian May
Queen guitarist
Right: Allan Campbell
Professional photographer


Founded in 2001 by Wade Royd-Taylor, "Dogstone" is a luxury designer brand that was borne out of his passion for all things Rock n Roll. The fast paced lifestyle for which he has become so well known for, flying to LA, New York, London, Las Vegas and Cape Town in search for the next adventure, is where his passion, inspiration and creative drive stems from.

Having collaborated in previous years with Converse, to produce real diamond studded Chuck Taylor All Stars for sale in conjunction with Office Shoes at the world famous Selfridges of London, and also a collaboration with the RedBull Formula One team and the Red Bulletin in 2008, these fantastic partnerships all reinforce Dogstone's status as a brand which has become well known for providing luxury products of the highest standard across the world.

Over the past decade Dogstone, formally known as Dogstone Designs has built a loyal client base in all four corners of the world. With a sizable following of both private and high profile clients, such as Slash, Matt Sorum, Fearne Cotton, Rob Holliday, Kissy Sellout, Dave Kushner, Calum Best, and Brian May just to name but a few, who are all followers of the exclusive Dogstone lifestyle brand.

The luxury for which Dogstone has become so well known for only continues to excel year by year with its loyal followers growing even stronger and more determined to own the latest jewellery release or diamond studded piece of apparel.

With the launch of the very popular Dogstone London Instagram page, potential clients can now view the very latest pieces of jewellery and apparel that Dogstone has made. The ever more popular bespoke service means that clients worldwide can now get inspired to what is possible in the work shop and commision their.

“Known for providing luxury products of the highest standard across the world”

Fuelled by the never ending pursuit of ultra high-end luxury, Dogstone London continues to design, develop and ascertain unique products through the creative use of exclusive materials such as exotic skins and cutting edge CAD/CAM laser guided systems.


The combinations of solid sterling silver, gold, diamonds and hand painted python skin apparel adorned with yet more diamonds is a must buy for the eagle eyed man of today. Along with their ever changing fashion lines and huge jewellery and accessories collection, Dogstone is here to be noticed and stands out from the crowd by steering well away from the conventional path. Be warned, this brand is not for your average jo!

"We Will Rock You, Cos we’re Born to Rock and we Live to Roll."


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